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Samplers and Synthesizers

Dune 2 software synthesizer

FM8 software synthesizer

Tera software synthesizer

Massive software synthesizer

Rapture software synthesizer

Z3TA-2 software synthesizer

Kontakt 4 software sampler

EZ Drummer VST percussion plugin

Pianoteq 5 VST physical modeling piano simulation 

Emu E-6400 Ultra sampler with 128 MB

Emu E-6400 sampler with 128 MB

Roland XV-3080 synthesizer with world expansion board

Roland JV-1080 synthesizer with orchestral expansion board

Roland XP-30 synthesizer with vocal expansion board


Digital/Analog Recording

Sonar Platinum DAW and MIDI sequencer

MOTU MIDI Express XT midi interface

MOTU 2408 MrkIII 24-bit 96khz audio interface

MOTU 5x5 midi interface

M-Audio 2x2 midi interface

RME 9652 digital audio/midi interface

Apogee Big Ben master digital clock

Sony DVD/CD recorder

Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder

Panasonic SV-3500 DAT recorder

Denon DRM-740 cassette recorder


Signal Processing

VSL MIR Convolution Reverb & Spatial Processing

Yamaha SPX 2000 multi-effects processor

Yamaha Pro R3 digital reverb

Wave Arts Power Suite 5 (EQ, compression, reverb, peak limiting)

IK Multimedia Classic Studio Reverb

Ozone 5 Advanced mastering software


Mixing & Monitoring

Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console

ADAM S3A tri-amplified monitors


Computers & Software

i7-950 DAW with 16 GB RAM

i7-930 computer with 24 GB RAM (dedicated to VSL Cube)


Sound Forge 10

CD Architect

Sibelius for Windows music typography software


Sample Libraries

Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube Extended with Vienna Ensemble Pro

Requiem Professional Choir

Vienna Symphonic Library, Pro Edition

Garritan Orchestral Strings

Kirk Hunter Solo Strings 

Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

Dan Dean Solo Brass 

Dan Dean Solo Strings

Bosendorfer 290

Symphony of Voices

Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra

Miroslav Vitous Ensemble Strings

Various Emu sample libraries



Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone

Audio-Technica 4033 condenser microphone



Whisper Room 6x4 sound isolation booth

Tascam CD-160 CD player

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