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Photography by Jerry Gerber

IC5070 (Pelican Nebula),HII nebulosity in Cygnus, 2023

A gasous region within IC1396, 2,400 light years from Earth, 2023

M13, the great cluster in the constellation Hercules, 22.2 thousand light-years from Earth, 2023

The Veil Nebula, remnant of a supernova explosion. 1,470 light-years from Earth, 2023

IC1848, an emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia.  7,500 light-years from earth, 2023.
Rosette Nebula, a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy.
5,219 light-years from Earth, 2023

SH2-296 Emission Nebula, about 3,500 light-years from Earth, 2023

M81 is about 11.8 million light-years from Earth.  These galaxies are part of what's known as the  Local Group, 2023

Globular star cluster M3.  This cluster is about 34,000 light-years from earth and contains about 500,000 suns.  It's believed to be over 11 billion years old, 2023

M101, also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy, is about 21 million light-years from Earth and contains about 1 trillon suns, 2023

NGC7000 is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus the Swan, a region rich with both large and small nebula. NGC is about 2,500 light-years from Earth in our own Milky Way galaxy, 2023

Nebulae NGC1893 & IC405 in the Constellation Auriga
NGC1893 is about 12,400 light-years from Earth. IC405 is about 1,500 light-years from Earth, 2023

M42 Nebula, The Great Nebula in Orion.
1,344 light-years from Earth, 2022

M31 Galaxy, Our closest galactic neighbor in the constellation Andromeda.
2.5 million light-years from Earth, 2022

M33 Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy.
2.73 million light-years
from Earth, 2022

SH2-190 (The Heart Nebula)
7,500 light-years from Earth, 2023

San Francisco Arboretum, 2020

Lisa, 2013

Lisa & Janine, 2018

Golden Gate Park, 2020

Sunset Through Trees

Moon & Treetops

Marin Headlands at Dusk

Scene from Northern California

Robert, 2008

Abstract #28

Abstract #29

Abstract #30

Abstract #27
Variation 1

Graffiti on Sidewalk

Man at Bus Stop

Bark of Tree

Spider in Yard

Bill & Emily, 2018

Charlie, 2018

Point Reyes 1

Point Reyes 2

Point Reyes 3

Lone Tree & Sky

Farmland in Sonoma County

California Farmland

Tree Bark

Fountain in the Park

Center of the 60s

Musicians Playing in the Park

Point Reyes Coastline

Sand Dune Point Reyes

Mitzi at Home, 2009

The Question

Too Much to Do

The Pollinator

Large Leaf in Aboretum

River Bridge

Selfie from Rockpile Road

The Milky Way

Canadian Goose

Abstract #26

Variation on Abstract #26

North of Big Sur

Water Walker

Nature's Redness

Bay Bridge

On the Boat

Homeless in San Francisco

Milky Way from Rockpile Road

Herons in Love

Abstract #25

The Milky Way in July

Looking South Toward the
Milky Way

 Toward the Center of the

Susan, 2003

Golden Gate Park

Ladybug Larvae

Spider on Post

Spider on West Wall

Abstract #23

Lovers at Sunset

Bird in Golden Gate Park

Foxglove Flowers in Arboretum

Abstract #22

Golden Gate Bridge on a Saturday Afternoon

Susan, 2002

Shoes on Stairs

Software Enhanced Fly #1

Software Enhanced Fly #2

The Fly

Arboretum Flowers

At the Seashore

Emily, 2009

Panorama of Golden Gate

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Old Bridge, New Bridge

Abstract #21
Variation 1

Abstract #21
Variation 2

Abstract #21
Variation 3

Steps to the Ocean

Shooting the Waves

Seeing Wildflowers

Cows on a California Hill

Abstract #19

Golden Gate Bridge

Ridge near Shark Fin Cove

Shark Fin Cove

Old Railroad Track near Davenport

Sunset North of Santa Cruz

Rock Formation near Davenport

Abstract #15

A Path to Somewhere

Aircraft in Flight

California Wildflowers

Graffiti on Railroad Track

Pacific Coast Cove

Pacific Coast near Santa Cruz

Lisa, 2015


California Coast near San Simeon

Postcard: San Francisco

Seagull in Maine

Above the Clouds

Heron High in a Tree

Herons in Nest

Herons Standing on their Nest

Herons on Watch

Big River in Mendocino

Remains of Sutro Bath House

Tree on California Coast

Portrait of a Dog

Presidio Forest

Grasshopper in Yard

The Face of a Fly

Spider on Wall

Abstract #12

Redwood Grove, Humboldt Redwood
State Park

Binding of a Book


Jupiter & Four Moons

Pacific Ocean and Marin Headlands

Abstract #10

Duck At Stow Lake

Arboretum Delight

Water Fountain at 1/10th of a Second

Self-Portrait, 2010

Aboretum Delight #2

Digitized City

Pacific Ocean & Rock from Land's End

Sunset at Land's End

Rock at Land's End

Abstract #8

Abstract #9

Variations on a Quarter Dollar

What Was Once an Image of a Duck

Variations on a Candle Holder

Gillian & Allie, 2008

Giver of Life

Abstract #7

Portrait of a Mallard

Pattern #2


Rock on a Hill

The Inner Sunset

A Question of Nature

Box of Nectarines

Box of Oranges

Remains of Sutro Baths

Fern Leaves

Spider and Web

Pattern #1

Bar Harbor from 1500 Feet Elevation

Old Structure in Rural Maine

Dock at Bar Harbor

Ann in Polo Game

Red Flower
Nap Time on the Beach

Robert, 2008

Acadia National Park

Gull in Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine

White Rose

Road in Rural Maine

The Immortal Game


Squirrel in Park

Canada Goose

Rotting Wood on Pole

For What It's Worth

Sky at Dusk

California Blue Jay

Coastal Hills North of Santa Cruz

Man on Beach at Sunset

Pelican & Berkeley Hills

San Francisco Bay from Marin Headlands

California Coast

American Crow

Buoy Color

Near San Simeon California

Ground Squirrel


Girl on Beach in Northern California

Emily, 2009

Spider Building Web

Tree & Sky near Sonoma Coast

Smallness of Being

Big Sur

Robert, 2008

Old Door


San Francisco Skyline

The Golden Rule

Yellow Rose

Rock & Sand

Water & Waves

Lisa, 2009


Woman on Cell Phone on Bike


Fly on Leaf

One Bird & A Flock of Geese

Worn-out Structure

Moon Over Ruins


Petrified Wood on Beach

Bee in flight

Tree in Golden Gate Park

Bird & Moon

Bird near Lake

A Matter of Scale

Bridge over Stow Lake

Boats at Sunset

Canada Geese

Candle Holder

Rock in Wall


Tree at the Ocean


Emily & Rosa, 2006

Springtime on California Coast
Fallen Redwood Trees

Three Circles & a Shadow


Wings Up, Wings Straight, Wings Down!

The Busy, Colorful City

Surfer off California Coast


Golden Gate Bridge From Cliffs

Graffiti in Rock

Graffiti Near Ocean Beach

Sunset over the Pacific
Software Enhanced

Grievance against Government

Hanging Leaf in Sun

Hanging Leaf

Hawk in Air

Self-Portrait of Index Finger

Pagoda in Golden Gate Park

Jet with Contrails

Soft Leaves
In the Forest
Passenger Jet

Lunch Time

Man & Dog

Monarch Butterfly

San Francisco from Moraga Street Hill

No More War

North of Bodega Bay

Northern California Coastal Fog


Pacific Coast Highway

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