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Musical Works by Jerry Gerber


Star Mind--astrophotographic music video #6


Cosmic Delights--astrophotographic music video #5


Starstruck--astrophotographic music video) #4


The Speed of Light--astrophotographic music video #3


Creation--astrophotographic music video #2


Deep Space--astrophotographic music video #1


Quartet for Virtual Strings

Symphony #12


Virtual Concerto for Oboe & Digital Ensemble

It's Always Worse At Night

When Death Does Come


This Place

One Friend



Thank You Spirit

Hymn to the Divine

Symphony #11 for the Virtual Orchestra

Home & Love

Body Politics

Symphony #10 for the Virtual Orchestra

In Time There Will Be No Time



Invention in Three Parts

Symphony #9 for the Virtual Orchestra

Lucid: Dream For


Song to the Universe

More than Matter

Symphony #8

Seraphim on a Subway

Shadow Work

Shadow Play

Luminous Night Nebulous Light


The Galaxies

Small Matters

Music for Twelve Instruments

Symphony #7

Concerto for Clarinet & Digital Instruments

Speaking in Tones

Particle Play


 String Theory


Windy Hop

Symphony #6 for the Virtual Orchestra


Lament to the Spirit of War

Prayer for a Marriage

The Power of Love

A Noiseless Patient Spider

Unending Love


A Ritual to Read to Each Other

O Karma, Dharma, Pudding & Pie

Dulce et Decorum Est

The Peace of Wild Things

This World is Not Conclusion

As Once the Winged Energy

Symphony #5

Essay for the Virtual Orchestra

Five songs on the poetry of Tu Fu


Piano Suite (12 pieces for virtual piano)

Symphony #4

Symphony #3

Symphony #2 (The Golden Mean)

O Night

Violin Concerto

Far Away Where You Cannot Go

Her Love

Soundtrack for "Pool Shark"

Soundtrack for "NCAA Final-Four"

Soundtrack for Atari video game (car-racing game)

"Theme from "Troubadours: Eyes of the Heart (music for CD-ROM multimedia)

I See All Men in his Face

He Dreams of You

Symphony #1

Bullfight A Go-Go (comedy film)

"Teaching Math" educational film soundtrack

"Gumby the Movie" (animated feature film)

Nature's Way

For Emily


Broderbund software educational soundtrack

Concerto for Flute & Digital Ensemble for Sacramento New American Music Festival (1989)

Soundtrack for "Report from Childhood"

Soundtrack for "Loom" (Lucasfilm computer game)

Soundtrack music for 33 "Gumby" Television episodes (99 soundtracks)

Digital realizations of the music of J Clokey

Three soundtracks for industrial films for Nolan Productions

Synthesized arrangements of folk songs

Soundtrack for Cumberland Hospital documentary

Synthesizer arrangements of Bach inventions for Kaleidosound music library

Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits (early electronically-realized orchestral work)

Numerous short electronic works

Music for dance (choreographers Lucas Hoving and Gary Palmer)

Film score to "Water Wars" (award-winning documentary)

Sonata for Cello & Piano

Vision & Prayer (song cycle of 9 songs)


Quartet for flute, violin, harp & cello

String quartet #1

Six piano pieces

Numerous songs (around 30)

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